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12 Villas, 2 prices

We took the price out of the equation so you can choose based on what really matters.

One neighbour or two neighbours?

Corner Villas have only one neighbour and a bigger plot (285/295 or 323 m2) with a price of €384.995 and non-corner Villas have two neighbours and smaller plots (247 or 274 m2) with a price of €342.995.

Better view or more space?

For the same price you can choose a Villa on the front row with a better view or one on the back with a bigger plot and more privacy.

How big is it? 

They say space is the ultimate frontier. In Villas Paula, you will have conquered enough space for the whole family and more. The indoor area is already generous at 117,89 m2. When you add the porch and the four terraces it becomes something out of this world. If you opt in for the Solariums, it can get bigger than big. Here are the built areas of your new Villa Paula:

Indoors 117,89 m2
Porch + 4 Terraces  57,10 m2
Total 174,99 m2
Solarium I (extra) 18,00 m2
Solarium II (extra) 30,00 m2
Grand Total 222,99 m2

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