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Extras that come as standard.

Creating energy out of thin air.

You’ll never need to worry about the electric bill again. Maintaining the temperature of the Villa will use 75% of the required energy by freely harvesting energy from the air around the Villa. Only 25% will come from the public grid.

Villas Paula are equipped with an innovative Aerothermal system which main function is to harvest energy from the air around the Villa. There is energy in everything that exists and the air has energy that the system uses to power the A/C units, the water heater and the radiant floor of the Villa.

They say the air is the only thing that doesn’t pay taxes. In Villas Paula, it will also save you from paying a lot for electricity.

Villas Paula have installed the Panasonic Aquarea Aerothermal system to generate heat and cold at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.

The aerotermal system extracts the heat from the air around the Villa and uses it to heat a 180 liters water tank in the house. The tank is insulated to maintain the temperature with just a fraction of energy consumption from the public electric grid.

In the summer, cold is generated in a closed circuit by compressing a magical air called R410. When R410 is compressed it gets cold. It is then used to cool a closed water system. The air circulates through the water system and cools before reaching the rooms in the Villa. The cost is 75% less than a classic A/C system and the air is untouched, maintaining the same quality as the air outside.

In the winter, the hot water generated from the aerotermal system is used to heat the air circulating in the house at a fraction of the cost of classic A/C units, gás, oil or electric radiators.

The radiant floor* in the Villa is heated by the aerothermal system with almost no consumption of energy from the public electric grid.

* The radiant floor is included in bathrooms floors and can be added to all floors as an extra.

Technicals apart, you will see the difference when you receive your first electric invoice. You will still use electricity to power other things around the house, but the climatization system and the hot water will be just a small part of the bill.

Warm comfort under your feet.

Villas Paula come with radiant floors in the bathrooms floors so you can have that warm feeling of comfort when you get out of the shower.

Siemens white goods. Now you see them. Now you don’t.

Villas Paula are equipped with Siemens appliances hidden away in the kitchen white cabinets. You see them when you are using them and they gently go away when not needed.

Wi-Fi. Never miss a spot.

From the swimming pool to the solariums you’ll always have the best Wi-Fi signal. Villas Paula have a system of Wi-Fi antennas installed around the house to guarantee the Wi-Fi signal reaches every inch of every corner. No more blind spots where the internet doesn’t reach. The best part: they are hidden in the walls.

When the time comes to choose an internet provider, you can choose from ADSL, 4G, and Optical Fibre options available from local providers.

Domotic. Turn on. Turn off. Schedule. From your tablet.  

Either from the Villa or from the other side of the world, you can use your tablet to turn on/off the climatization and the lights. You can also schedule when both should go up or down. No more lights left on behind. No more “Did I leave the heating on?”

Everyday solarium

From the master bedroom upstairs you will have access to a terrace. Next to the terrace you can see a solarium with only 4 steps and ready for long hours in the sun, reading or having your morning coffee or tea.

Roof top solarium

The roof of the Villa above the stairs and the master bedroom is converted into a second solarium. This is the highest point of the Villa and the view is just mesmerising: blue over blue all the way in 360 degrees. Have you ever tought about having a party in 40 m2 in heaven?

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