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Passion for intelligent design. 

We want to build you the home you’ve always dreamed of. The home that’s been coming together in your imagination for years. The backdrop of your future memories. And we want to build it well with an intelligent design that enriches your family life while saving construction and maintenance costs, at a price you can afford. This is the idea that has driven the project of Villas Paula and the reason we set our standards high. During construction, we use dependable building materials, tested technology and implement a building process that features a number of checkpoints and inspections. And we offer a 10-year limited warranty covered by a Decenal Insurance to give you peace of mind. We’re not satisfied until you feel your experience has been a 10. It’s all part of Zaragoza’s everyday commitment to providing quality homes and outstanding customer service.

Award-winning architecture

Our in-house team of architects and home designers are dedicated to creating homes that are spacious, beautiful and innovative. Their designs are based on years of experience, as well as feedback from homeowners in the community. They stay tuned into what modern families need, such as open kitchens with plenty of space and master bedrooms that offer a retreat from hectic days. This means you get a well-built home that’s thoughtfully tailored to the way you live.

Since 2003.

Zaragoza 2012 Group has been growing and consolidating in their sector since 2003 until converting into one of the first companies of construction in the Valencian community, working on projects all over the national territory and focusing their efforts on the quality of service offered, the speed, the seriousness and professionalism in their performance.

Zaragoza 2012 Group is currently in a big moment of change, opening new horizons and expanding their territorial working area, with an excellent career path and a solid background. With expertise and its own workshops in construction and refurbishing, plasterboard and projected plaster systems, wood and aluminum carpentry, painting, masonry, renewable energy, fire protection systems, soundproofing, electricity, energy savings, decoration and landscaping. Since 2003 we have grown into a group of companies controlling all the phases of construction without recurring to subcontracting; this way we achieve savings that we then pass on to you in the final price. 

Sergio Zaragoza, businessman and manager of Zaragoza 2012 Group received the 2009 Young Entrepreneur Prize from the province of Alicante for his career and achievements.

Read more about Zaragoza 2012 Group in our institutional website: www.zaragoza2012.es

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